About Us

I was born and raised in Southern California and have never left. Born in the artistic beachside community of Laguna Beach and living in San Clemente for a short time before moving to Fullerton for another short time and then we settled in East Anaheim for the rest of my youth. I grew up a poor German/Irish bastard surrounded by the rich. My mother always was and still is my only family and she spent most of her time working to feed and house us both. She also did a great job containing me as I now know that I was a handful.

Growing up I worked a handful of jobs; everything from construction to COO of a Software Development Company for over ten years. There was a time I ran away from some personal struggles to the freshness of the mountains. There I worked for a ski resort for years, really just to get that free pass for snowboarding everyday. Of course I did have to work when I was there but even work was fun and mostly done on a snowmobile or my snowboard and that is what I needed to get me right and back on track with my life.

These days I’m very happily married to the love of my life and I have given up all the stresses of the software development business. Now I focus on freelance work providing media and art services as well as a complete list photography studio services. For years we were located in the historic community of Old Town Orange and we always had plans to open a design studio there in the circle but health issues and inflated rates drove us out of Old Town Area. We are now sadly out of the Old Town Orange area and have opened our new photography and design studio in our home town of East Anaheim and couldn’t he happier. We have a showroom showing artwork from many local artists and have art and car shows often, we are focusing on giving back to the small artist and local community as well as raising food donation at all our events.

I get asked about my dark art a lot and where my inspiration for them come from, I feel it’s because I was always fascinated horror movies and still am to this day. I just love gritty low light shoots that leave you asking more questions then leaving you with answers. I have always been a huge Stanley Kubrick Fan and have a love for good cinematography and feel that is what I go after and the views I see in my head.

I have spent years working with Photoshop and had spent years working with film cameras, but when I starting photographing with the new digital SLR’s and editing with my skills learned in photoshop is when I was re-inspired to work with photography again. It was at that point that I fell in love with it all over again and have not looked back.

Growing up with little to no money drove me to be self-taught in everything I have ever done and to work with only what I have at hand. It’s because of that I take tremendous pride in what I do and I pour everything I have into it, and for that, I really hope you enjoy my work and I thank you for taking the time….&
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